Fresh Pitted Cherries
Make Your Life Easier And Pit Cherries With A Chopstick
By Heidi Chaya
If you're a fan of Chinese takeout and of saving things for serendipitous later use, then chances are you have a kitchen drawer filled with disposable chopsticks. You can use them as drink stirrers, popsicle sticks, egg whisks, and sometimes, a skewer, but one of the most unexpected, valuable ways to use chopsticks is by pitting cherries.
Begin by taking the cherry stem off and then put the cherry on the rim of a narrow-mouthed bottle that is small enough for the fruit to stay put. Once you've situated the cherry with its dimple side facing up, push the chopstick through the center of the cherry, allowing the pit to fall conveniently inside the bottle.
You can also get a dedicated cherry pitter, but too many one-use kitchen tools can clutter your kitchen. Pitting cherries is crucial to a better eating experience, as it eliminates the need to eat around the pits as well as the need for an unsightly, messy bowl to dump them, and this trick works well with olives too.