chocolate balls with cocoa and marshmallows in New Year's decoration on a black background.
Make Homemade Hot Cocoa Bombs With Nothing But A Paper Cup
By Camryn Teder
One of the biggest things to come out of 2019 was a fun twist on traditional hot chocolate — the hot cocoa bomb, which gained TikTok prominence almost overnight. Companies around the world have been releasing their own versions of the treat, but you can make your own chocolate bombs at home, and it all begins with a paper cup.
To start, you'll need to cut down the seam of a paper or plastic cup, tape it closed again, and pour some melted chocolate into the side and bottom of the cup to make a mold. Let it sit until it hardens, then cut the tape off to reveal your chocolate cup, at which point you can decorate the outside or fancy it up by piping colored chocolate along the rim.
Add some cocoa powder to the bottom of your chocolate cup, throw in some sprinkles, marshmallows, candies, mints, or whatever else you like in your hot chocolate, and finish with a popsicle stick, then cover it all with more melted chocolate. Your customized bomb can be turned into hot cocoa by simply pouring some hot milk over it to release the goodness inside.