Pasta being pulled from a boiling pot
Korean Doenjang Is The Secret To Adding A Savory Spin To Pasta
By Megan Anderson
If you're looking for a way to make your pasta feel fresh and less routine, the Korean condiment Doenjang will quickly and easily add a savory, umami punch.
Doenjang is a Korean ingredient made of soybeans fermented in salt water. It has a coarse texture reminiscent of chunky peanut butter.
Eric Kim of NYT Cooking demonstrates a creamy doenjang pasta by mixing the doenjang with milk and then finishing the pasta in the liquid.
He dilutes the pungent ingredient while coating each strand of the linguine. The result is a savory fusion dish he describes as tasting almost cheesy.
Just a little bit of doenjang can amp up a pasta dish. Its profile is comparable to blue cheese's, as the smell is very sharp while the flavor is salty.