Homemade Korean Corn Cheese with Pepper and Scallions
Korean Corn Cheese Turns Canned Corn Into A Masterpiece
By Grace Allison
Corn cheese is a delicious Korean side dish or appetizer that combines canned corn, cheese, and hot mayonnaise to make a creamy, sweet, salty, and slightly crunchy masterpiece.
To make it yourself, drain a can of corn and put the kernels into a bowl along with mayonnaise, sugar, salt, and pepper. Add extra vegetables and seasonings if you’d like.
Transfer the mixture to a skillet and apply a thick layer of mozzarella. Simply broil it in the oven until the top gets tremendously crispy, which will take two to three minutes.
Ensure that the canned corn you use tastes fresh and has a moist texture. If you don’t have canned corn on hand, corn that is frozen or fresh off the cob will work just as well.
The type of mayonnaise you use is key. Try Kewpie mayonnaise, a Japanese brand with the perfect balance of acidity and creamy fats that produces a slightly sweet, umami taste.