Print shows a well-dressed woman wearing an apron, baking bread in a home-style kitchen; she is standing, three-quarter length, facing front, holding a pan of fresh baked bread in an advertisement for the J.A. Dahn & Son baking company. (Photo by: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Kitchen Aprons Are Evolving Into Kitchen Jumpsuits For Winter Cooking
By Camryn Teder
While aprons have long been an integral part of the kitchen uniform both at home and in the professional space, there is always a more contemporary spin on a classic, which is why it may have to make way for the kitchen jumpsuit. Most aprons lack the fabric to protect you from every potential spill, which is where this modern trend jumps in.
The first record of an apron comes from paintings in the 14th century and throughout history, it has evolved not only as a protective kitchen garment but also as a fashion statement and status symbol. But even though aprons are a classic piece of kitchen wear, a jumpsuit is perfect for winter cooking and offers all the coverage you need with no worries about loose ties or exposed skin.
Work clothes brand Tilit has started rolling out kitchen jumpsuits. The brand's invention has already made waves by appearing in major publications like Vogue, and some home chefs that have tried the suit are raving about it on social media.