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King Charles Can Only Have Circle Sandwiches Because Of A Centuries-Old Superstition
By Wendy Gould
There are several peculiarly superstitious reasons why a person might want to avoid or seek out a particular type of food, and the royal family of the U.K. is no exception. In the documentary "Inside the Royal Kitchen: Hidden Secrets," Graham Newbould, formerly a royal chef, says that a historic tradition bars square sandwiches from being served to King Charles and the royals.
While showing viewers how he would prepare sandwiches for the royal family, Newbould explains that giving a royal food with an edge used to signify your intention to overthrow the monarchy. However, the sandwiches eaten by the royals aren’t exactly circular, as Newbould barely snips the tip off of each sandwich corner, giving it a slightly rounded appearance.
Nevertheless, the sandwiches are made sufficiently circular to avoid inciting revenge from a royal. However, another former royal chef, Darren McGrady, says that Queen Elizabeth had the corners of her sandwiches removed because anything square or rectangular reminded her of a coffin, and she felt that serving coffin-shaped food suggested that you wanted her health to fail.