Close-up of tomato ketchup on a white background.
Ketchup Cups Fan Out For Easier Dipping
By Chase Shustack
The problem with ketchup cups found at most fast food chains is that they can't hold a lot of ketchup. However, these little cups can actually "unfold" to a larger size.
To expand your ketchup cup, simply pull on the sides very gently. The pleated sides of the cup start to smoothen out, making it easy for you to fan it out into a wider radius.
This increases the surface area and makes it easier to dip more foods into it. With a wider surface area, you can even dip your burger into it if you want.
Don’t flatten the cup too much, or it will be too thin, and the paper will give out. Expand it out to resemble a wide bowl, ensuring the ketchup cup won't give out.