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Keeping Bananas Fresh Is Easier Than You Think
By Cynthia Anaya
An ideal temperature to keep a banana in is 53 degrees Fahrenheit, and while your fridge can do the trick, it may be too full. However, there's one hack to keep your bananas fresh that's quite easy, and it involves something you probably already have in your kitchen.
Ethylene is a gas released by the stem of the banana, which regulates the ripening process and determines the speed at which it breaks down. Business Insider states that covering the stems with plastic wrap can help the bananas stay fresh longer.
It’s best to use a plastic wrap that clings well to the food to create a tight seal, but if the one you have isn't clinging to the stems very well, you can use a tie or elastic to better secure the plastic and eliminate gaps. To keep your bananas fresh for a few extra days, wrap them individually, instead of in bunches.