Fresh basil leaves growing
Keep 2 Things In Your Wine Fridge: Wine And
Fresh Basil
By Alexis Montoya
Basil has an alluring aroma and is a sweet, earthy addition to any meal, making it a fantastic ingredient to have on hand when available. However, fresh basil deserves a special approach to storage, and when it comes to optimizing its shelf life, most may be going about it all wrong.
The key to preventing your basil from spoiling is knowing that it grows best in warmer temperatures, which is why it's so abundant during the summer and why it often turns quickly in the fridge. Leaving basil out on the counter is an option, but your basil can thrive much better in another place: with your wine.
For optimal storage and a longer shelf life, you can store basil leaves in a wine fridge. Since wine fridges maintain a temperature range between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, they are an ideal environment for basil to stay, so make some space in your wine fridge for some delicious basil.