OVIEDO, SPAIN - OCTOBER 22: Spanish chef Jose Andres arrives to the Campoamor Theatre ahead of the 'Princesa de Asturias' Awards Ceremony 2021 on October 22, 2021 in Oviedo, Spain. (Photo by Samuel de Roman/Getty Images)
José Andrés' Philly Cheesesteak Riff Might Cause Spontaneous Ascension
By Elaina Friedman
The Philly cheesesteak is Philadelphia's answer to the perfect street food, but for chef José Andrés, it is something else entirely. According to Andrés, the version he serves at his restaurant, The Bazaar, located in the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel, is one of the dishes that "made his career," as he upgrades the dish's classic ingredients for elevated elements, making it truly magical.
Dubbed the "Kobe airbread," the Spanish chef's version of the Pennsylvania mainstay "mimics" the taste but uses higher-quality ingredients. Instead of frozen chip steak, Andrés uses Kobe beef, and instead of a hoagie, he uses a thin piece of pita dough that puffs when it's baked, lending an "airy effect" to the otherwise heavy sandwich.
Andrés also replaces deli slices with white cheddar or Parmesan espuma foam for the cheese, topped with onion jam. It first appeared on the menu at his tiny, upscale prix fixe project minibar in Washington, D.C., and according to a February 2023 Instagram announcement, the sandwich will soon make its way to The Bazaar's D.C. location.