Olive Garden restaurant entrance showing company logo above door. (Photo by: Don and Melinda Crawford/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Italy's Wild West-Themed Chain Restaurant Is Like A Reverse Olive Garden
By Kalea Martin
Italians, or anyone who appreciates authentic Italian food, haven’t hidden their disdain for Olive Garden, the Americanized iteration of the classic cuisine.
It appears that Italy is guilty of the same transgression, however, as it has its own Italian chain restaurant that serves authentic American food — Old Wild West.
In addition to serving burgers, steaks, and barbecue, Old Wild West also has its own made-up creations, like the patty, bacon, and cheese-filled San Diego Wrap.
Similar to how Olive Garden names several of its dishes after Italian locations, Old Wild West has given its food the same treatment, such as the Kentucky salad.
Much of the food looks similar to what's found in restaurants across America, and although it might not be authentic, many Italians enjoy eating at Old Wild West.