Chef José Andrés in a hat and jacket
It Would Take Very Little To End World Hunger, According To José Andrés
By Elias Nash
Humanitarian and chef José Andrés recently told Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, that ending world hunger is an achievable goal.
Andrés has a not-for-profit organization, World Central Kitchen (WCK), which provides meals to communities facing natural disasters and wars across the globe.
He believes that world hunger could be eliminated immediately if a mere fraction of the world’s defense budget were diverted to humanitarian aid.
Andrés said $30-40 billion would be sufficient to end the hunger crisis, which would account for 1.14% of the $3.5 trillion the world spends on defense each year.
The Michelin-starred chef has repeatedly criticized the United Nations for failing to address food insecurity around the world, despite having ample resources to do so.
Andrés has acted as a first responder in the earthquake in Turkey and provided aid in Ukraine, offering free meals to refugees less than 24 hours after Russia invaded.