Photo of a Starbucks coffee shop taken in London 15 January 2003.      / AFP PHOTO / ADRIAN DENNIS        (Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)
It Turns Out That Target Starbucks Locations Don't Count As
'Real' Starbucks
By Angel Albring
From clothing and beauty products to home decor, electronics, and groceries, Target has something for everyone on almost any budget. While most Target locations also have a Starbucks now, not all of them offer the same menu as a regular, full-sized Starbucks location.
Although Target Starbucks locations serve authentic Starbucks products and use the Starbucks logo, they are actually licensed stores operated by Target — not the Starbucks Corporation. These stores don’t always offer a full Starbucks menu, because they are usually scaled-down versions of the full-sized Starbucks stores owned and operated by the coffee company.
One big difference between the menus is that Target Starbucks offers nitro cold brew in cans but doesn’t serve it fresh-made, while other menu changes vary by location, depending on the store’s stock. Per a Target employee, "If [a Target Starbucks employee] transferred to Starbucks, they would have to be re-trained, or trained. Starbucks doesn't consider Target Starbucks to be Starbucks."