Various organic vegan plant based milk in glasses and glass bottle and ingredients (nuts, oatmeal) on beige background. Non Dairy milk substitute drink, healthy eating. Lactose-free milk in minimal flat lay style. Top view
It Seriously Pays To Pick Up Alternative Milks At The
Dollar Store
By Camryn Teder
While alternative milk has been rising in popularity above dairy options for the past few years, dairy milk generally still beats the plant-based category as a whole in terms of affordability. There is, however, a way to get your weekly carton of alternative milk without burning a hole in your pocket, and it involves taking a trip to the dollar store.
Plant-based milk is pricier because of higher-quality packaging and a more complex “bottling process.” However, at the dollar store, instead of paying double the cost for pretty packaging or a big brand with the same ingredients, you can get your carton of alternative milk for half the price.
Many dollar stores have shelf-stable and refrigerated cartons ready and waiting on the shelf — with nearly the same ingredients for a whole lot less. For example, Dollar Tree sells its 32-ounce carton of unsweetened almond milk for just $1.25, while the same size name-brand product retails for triple the price at other stores like Walmart.