Selective-focus image of a fresh salad bar.
It May Be Time To Say Goodbye To The Salad Bar
By Betsy Parks
Once a major draw, salad bars have stopped pulling interest due to more people working from home, shopping online, and other health concerns that resulted from the pandemic.
This “new normal” meant that grocery stores either had to scale back their in-store salad bars or get rid of them altogether, which means that salad bars may be gone forever.
The biggest reason for this is that there aren’t enough people patronizing them. Once a popular way to grab lunch for office workers, many are still not returning to offices.
Most that work from home also shop online, which drastically cuts down on impulse shopping and any in-store exposure to the salad bar.
Many are also still squeamish about hygiene after the health scrutiny of the pandemic. Many feel that eating food that was touched by a stranger is a no-go — maybe forever.