Ground coffee in an espresso maker on top of a pile of coffee beans on a black wooden surface
Is There Any Difference In Taste Between Blend And Single-Origin Coffee?
By Heather Newman
While beans in coffee blends come from different growing locations, single-origin coffee beans come from the same place, resulting in a significant difference in their taste.
Some coffee blends are blended before roasting the beans, which means all the beans go through a uniform roasting process, creating a smoother flavor profile.
In other coffee blends, the beans are roasted separately before being blended, allowing each variant bean to bring a different roast profile into the mix.
Ultimately, the taste of coffee blends is more uniform, mild, and mellow, whereas single-origin coffee boasts strong flavor characteristics specific to its place of origin.
For example, African coffees have dried notes of berries due to their tendency to be dry-processed, while Hawaii’s Kona coffee flavor is defined by its mineral-rich volcanic soil.