close up of a bowl of bacon bits isolated
Is There Actual Bacon In
Bacon Bits?
By Kimberley Laws
With a survey from Maple Leaf Foods showing that 43% of American respondents preferred bacon to sex and another from Smithfield proving that 65% thought bacon should be America’s official food, the nationwide devotion to the breakfast food is blindingly evident. However, many are unsure if bacon bits measure up to the real thing.
It turns out that bacon bits may not be “bacon” at all, as a large amount are meatless and consist of bacon bit shapes formed from soy protein. For those who are worried about the host of medical complications that are caused by their added caramel color, there are even soy-free and vegan-friendly options on the market as well.
Fortunately, Hormel's Real Bacon Pieces and Oscar Mayer's Real Bacon Bits not only use real pork, but they even contain grocery store bacon’s same curing preservatives. If it says “real bacon,” that’s exactly what it will have, but if it opts for an offbeat spelling, like McCormick's Bac'n Pieces, you can almost guarantee it’s not the real thing.