Fresh blueberry on vine
Is There A Difference Between Huckleberries And Blueberries?
By Nico Danilovich
Both huckleberries and blueberries belong to the taxonomic family Ericaceae, and there are a handful of ways to tell the two berries apart.
Huckleberries need to be foraged, whereas blueberries can be farmed. In the wild, huckleberries spread out on branches while blueberries cluster together near the ground.
On the inside, huckleberries are a bluish-purple color and have large, tough seeds, but blueberries appear a greenish white and have soft, little seeds.
Huckleberries range from tart to sweet, while blueberries are almost always pretty sugary. Confusingly, though, the term "huckleberry" is sometimes used to refer to blueberries.
True huckleberries are found in Idaho, Montana, and the Pacific Northwest, and they are usually dark blue, but can also be red, purple, or even black.