Drive thru at a fast food restaurant.
Is The Best Way To Be Polite To Drive-Thru Servers Not To Talk To
Them At All?
By Stacie Adams
A study cited by USA Today found that average drive-thru wait times in 2021 totaled 6 minutes and 22 seconds, a notable increase from the previous year’s time of 5 minutes and 57 seconds. Since wait times are rising, all patrons should evaluate their current drive-thru approach to determine whether they're being a little too friendly in line.
An extended conversation with the person helping you could irritate the other customers in line, and they could take out their frustration on the restaurant staff. If a staff member is stuck dealing with a particularly chatty customer, they could be penalized for the infraction, which isn’t fair, but is an unfortunate aspect of the quick-casual dining industry.
Knowing what you want before reaching the microphone, speaking clearly when placing your order, turning down the music, and asking passengers to be quiet for a minute or two can improve your drive-thru experience. Use the specific names on the menu, and have your form of payment ready when you arrive at the window, which will minimize stress for everyone.