Salisbury steak with sauteed mushrooms and Onions, mashed potatoes and corn on the side..
Is Salisbury Steak Even Steak?
By Chase Shustack
It may surprise you to learn that Salisbury steak isn't a "real" steak. You would be better off calling it a "Salisbury hamburger patty" than anything related to a filet mignon.
Think of Salisbury steak as being a cross between a hamburger and meatloaf, as it is just ground beef shaped together.
Meatloaf takes a mixture of ground beef and fillers and forms it into the shape of a bread loaf. Salisbury steak takes that same mixture, then grills or browns it in a pan.
The cooked patty is covered in onions, mushrooms, and brown gravy. Although Salisbury steak may be called a "steak," it's more similar to a hamburger patty.