Alcoholic or non-alcoholic rosemary cocktail such as margarita, cosmopolitan or similar on a dark marble table.
Is Margarita Burn A Real Thing?
By Gregory Lovvorn
A TikTok influencer recently posted a video detailing her unpleasant experience with a margarita, the sun, and a skin reaction in a phenomenon known as “margarita burn.” If you're wondering if this is real and whether or not you should be concerned, we have some helpful information.
What we call margarita burn, doctors call Phytophotodermatitis, meaning inflammation caused by sunlight and plants. Citrus plants, such as limes, contain furocoumarins, which undergo a chemical reaction when exposed to UV rays from sunlight and can cause skin irritation.
Most cases of Phytophotodermatitis are minor and are only evidenced by reddening of the skin, though more severe effects can occur. To avoid developing margarita burn, keep your mouth and hands clean when drinking margaritas, and be sure to apply sunscreen when exposed to UV rays.