Glass container with lid isolated on white background. Close up.
Is It Safe To Put Glass Containers In The Freezer?
By Angel Albring
Meal prepping is one of the best ways to save time throughout the week, especially if you have glass containers to keep your frozen meals organized. Glass containers make it so you can thaw and reheat a meal without removing it from the dish, as long as you know how to freeze the containers properly.
Not all glass storage containers are suitable for the freezer, so if the container is not marked as freezer-safe, don’t use it. Liquids and moisture in the food can expand when it freezes, so it's important to leave some room in the container to allow for this expansion or the container might crack.
Glassware should be cooled to room temperature before being put in the freezer since freezing hot food or liquid can damage the container. To thaw the food, you can put it in the fridge overnight, or you can use a microwave on the defrost setting, then dump the thawed food into a microwave-safe bowl to finish heating.