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Is It Safe To Eat Green Bananas?
By Camryn Teder
Much like avocados, the texture and taste of bananas constantly change before and throughout their entire shelf life. From the starkest of green hues to yellow-bodied bunches, the fruit can change quickly from one day to the next.
Bananas have five main stages of ripeness ranging from underripe to overripe, and green (underripe) bananas are made of 70% to 80% starch. Most of this starch is considered dietary fiber, which creates a firm texture — quite different from a ripe banana and it’s 1% starch.
Green bananas are safe to eat, though the taste is bitter and some people report bloating, constipation, or gas after eating them. Underripe bananas bring good bacteria to your gut, are rich in fiber, and help control blood sugar with their resistant starch and pectin levels.