Rice in ceramic  bowl isolated on white background
Is It Safe To Be Canning Cooked Rice At Home?
By Julia Mullaney
While canning is an excellent way to extend a food's shelf life, canning certain food items at home, such as cooked rice, can be too complex and risky.
The process of canning involves simply adding food to a can, using heat elements to remove bacteria from the food, and sealing the jar in such a way that bacteria can't grow.
For the aforementioned heat element, some cans must be boiled, while others need to be pressure cooked. Others still require a more heavy-duty process that is not feasible at home.
Rice is a starch, and starch hinders the heat's ability to reach the jar's center. As a result, the heat wouldn't kill enough of the bacteria to prevent canned rice from going bad.
Rice, like other starches, holds moisture, which facilitates mold growth and makes it hard for a can to properly seal.
If you consume improperly canned rice, you put yourself at a great risk of food poisoning. The same goes for other starchy products, such as pasta.