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Is IPA Stronger Than Regular Beer?
By Camryn Teder
IPAs are distinguishable for their smooth mouthfeel and uniquely bitter taste, and due to their unique composition and brewing process, many even recommend drinking them warm to optimize its flavor profile. While there are a lot of factors that separate IPA from other beers and their wide breadth of varieties, one of its largest distinctions is quite possibly its alcohol content.
One of the main differences between IPA and lager is the amount of hops used inside, as IPA uses a much higher amount for its floral scents and complex, bitter flavors. Aside from also having a much higher ABV, IPAs also have more nutrients in them, as they’re not filtered as much, and are fermented in higher temperatures.
Above every other difference, however, is IPA’s higher alcohol content, going as high as 10% or 15% compared to the 5% ABV of a traditional lager. Thanks to its warm fermentation process and extra hops in each drink, IPAs are about one to two times stronger than other beers, allowing you to drink slower and enjoy the aromatics and complex flavor in each sip.