Six different sushi rolls viewed from above against a dark grey background.
Is Hawaiian Gas Station Sushi An Exception To The Rule?
By Nick Johnson
Checking to see if your sushi is fresh is incredibly important if you want to ensure that it's safe to eat, so it stands to reason that picking up a box of gas station sushi isn't the best idea. However, the general rule of thumb that you shouldn't eat gas station sushi doesn't apply in certain places — like Hawaii.
Sushi is a big part of Hawaiian cuisine, and though there are countless locations where you can enjoy it there, you don't need to look any further than 7-Eleven. Perhaps the most instantly recognizable dish you can purchase at 7-Eleven Hawaii is nori rolls, made from a type of edible seaweed called nori.
At Hawaiian 7-Elevens, you can find sushi dishes like nori rolls, spicy ahi and shoyu tuna rolls, and Spam musubi, a snack that combines fried Spam with rice and nori to make a sushi-like roll. Their ahi tuna is caught using longline fishing, as opposed to net fishing, which causes less stress on the fish and increases its shelf life.