By Nico Danilovich
Is Gelson's Only On The
West Coast?
Gelson's, one of the most beloved supermarkets on the West Coast, was opened by Bernard and Eugene Gelson in the early '50s. Throughout the '60s, Gelson's was considered a quality, premier food market, and by the time the '70s rolled around, the brothers were able to turn Gelson's into a chain and sell off their upscale creation.
After its initial success, the supermarket chain also acquired some locations of Mayfair Markets — a chain of grocery stores — and turned them into Gelson’s. However, as far as further expansion is considered, the supermarket chain seems to have chosen to remain California-exclusive for the time being.
Even with the arrival of Pan Pacific International Holdings, who acquired the brand in 2021, there are no apparent signs that Gelson's plans to venture out of SoCal anytime soon. Nonetheless, the chain effectively continues to make a strong impression on its neighbors, and maybe someday this upscale supermarket will scale up to being countrywide.