Ironbeer soft drink 12 FL OZ can with water drops
Ironbeer Is The Flavorful Soda Considered The Official Beverage Of Cuba
By Arianna Endicott
If you’re looking for an alcohol-free drink to enjoy alongside your favorite Cuban dish, search no further than Ironbeer, the official beverage of Cuba.
Despite its name, Ironbeer has a balanced, fruity flavor — like Dr. Pepper — but think oranges and plums instead of cherries.
The canned beverage’s sweetness contrasts nicely with salty, garlic-forward Cuban classics like arroz con moros y cristianos and ropa vieja.
In fact, Cubans have been enjoying Ironbeer since 1917, when inventor Manuel Rabanal debuted his creation in a Havana cafeteria, pulled in a mule-drawn wooden wagon.
Ironbeer production moved to Miami, Florida in 1960. Under the leadership of Pedro Blanco, the brand became an entire soda manufacturing company: Sunshine Bottling Company.
Today, Sunshine offers a variety of refreshing products, but to taste the drink that started it all and made its mark on Cuban history, grab a can of Ironbeer.