Stock photo showing close-up view of a chocolate sponge cake being made.
Instant Pudding Is An Easy Way To Bring Moisture To Dry Boxed Cake Mix
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
Instant pudding powder contains decadent fat that levels up the flavor, texture, and moistness of your boxed cake mix when added in with the other dry ingredients.
There's no need to add liquid to the pudding in advance. Simply add a single packet of dry mix to the bowl and let the liquids from the cake mix recipe reconstitute the pudding.
Instant pudding sets quickly, and its unique texture mixes with the cake's texture to create an extremely moist, fudgy consistency that boxed cake mix can't provide on its own.
You can match the flavors of the pudding and the cake, or you can opt for other, more adventurous flavors of pudding to take your cake to the next level.
Chocolate pudding should be used in chocolate cake, but vanilla cake is versatile and goes well with pudding flavors like vanilla, lemon, white chocolate, butterscotch, and more.