Melted butter
Ina Garten's Secret To Impressive Holiday Season Flavor
By Arianna Endicott
In a video on the Williams Sonoma TikTok channel, celebrity chef Ina Garten says that she uses brown butter to amplify her holiday side dishes. Sally's Baking Addiction explains that brown butter is easy to make and adds a more pronounced and nutty flavor profile, and they recommend allowing your butter to sit out of the fridge for up to half an hour before browning.
The Barefoot Contessa says to prevent the butter from overcooking, watch the pan carefully, and you will know your butter is done when it reaches a medium-brown color but isn't burnt, and it will have a nutty, warm aroma. After her brown butter has cooked to a perfect golden-brown color, Garten pours it into a separate bowl so it won’t continue cooking in the hot pan.
Once your brown butter sauce is finished, it can be added to recipes like Garten's brown butter cornbread, or drizzled over vegetables or pasta as a sauce on its own. It can even be churned into brown butter ice cream or, as celebrity chef Chrissy Teigen recommends, over sweet potato gnocchi as a light flavor enhancement to accentuate the sweet potato.