Chef Ina Garten smiling up close
Ina Garten Leaves Her Mac And Cheese Out Overnight For A Delicious Purpose
By Kelly Douglas
Ina Garten’s mac and cheese recipe is a cheese lover’s dream that will please the whole family. In addition to a creamy cheese sauce and thick breadcrumb topping, it features one extra step to create an extra creamy dish that you’ll want to make again and again.
Most mac and cheese recipes require that you make béchamel — a sauce with butter, flour, and milk — which typically only takes a few minutes. However, instead of making a quick béchamel and immediately adding it, Garten leaves the pasta in the béchamel sauce overnight, allowing the noodles to soak up the cream for longer.
To recreate Garten’s mac and cheese, cook pasta in salt water and make a mixture of cream, nutmeg, Gruyère cheese, cheddar cheese, salt, and butter in a bowl. Combine the pasta with the mixture and refrigerate it for 24 hours, and the next day, let the mixture sit for an hour at room temperature before adding more cheese, breadcrumbs, and butter and baking it for 20 minutes.