Glass of a whiskey sour garnished with an orangle peel and cheery skewer
Ina Garten Elevates Whiskey Sours With Microwaved Bourbon Cherries
By Garth Clingingsmith
Few people more suited for revamping the centuries-old whiskey sour than culinary and hosting legend Ina Garten — let’s not forget her massive martini glass cosmopolitan that went viral during the 2020 lockdown. Using dried cherries marinated in bourbon, Garten puts the perfect unique touch on this whiskey cocktail.
Ditching bright red maraschino cherries for a more sophisticated marinated cherry, Garten first microwaves a half cup of dried cherries with four ounces of bourbon for one minute to re-plump the fruit while maintaining plenty of natural sweetness. Once cooled, Garten suggests piercing them with a skewer and adding it to the cocktail.
For those looking for more simple variations of the whiskey sour, there’s the Boston Sour, which includes egg white foam and can be served with or without ice, or a New York Sour, which is just a whiskey sour topped off with some red wine. Whichever version you choose, finishing it off with Garten’s dried cherry garnish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.