CATHEDRAL CITY, CA - MAY 10:  The entrance to In-N-Out Burger, located off Interstate 10, is viewed on May 10, 2022 in Cathedral City, California. The Coachella Valley, located along Interstate 10, is home to dozens of municipalities and boosts a winter population of 800,000 residents but drops to 400,000 residents in the hot summer months. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
In-N-Out's Chili Pepper Topping Shortage Is Leaving Customers Heated
By David Tran
One beloved secret menu item for many In-N-Out patrons is the cascabella pepper, which can be requested as a side or diced and placed into burgers. However, these yellow-green peppers that offer a fruity taste with a subtle punch of sweetness are in short supply at all In-N-Out locations, leaving customers furious.
During this pepper shortage, the burger chain is temporarily replacing cascabella chilis with banana pepper rings, but earlier this month, one customer tweeted,  “I love In-N-Out. But replacing yellow peppers with banana peppers is not the move.” On TikTok, one patron shared a video of them bringing their own stash of cascabella peppers to a location of the burger chain.
However, not everyone hated the idea of banana peppers, as one person wrote, “The new In N Out peppers are better than the old ones.” It’s unclear when the beloved yellow peppers will return to In-N-Out, but SFGATE reports that they are expected to return soon.