Taco Bell sign, San Juan Puerto Rico. Playa Isle Verde section.
If You Love Taco Bell's Mexican
Pizza, Then
This Menu Hack
Is For You
By Kelly Douglas
If you love Taco Bell’s pizzas, you'll enjoy the latest TikTok hack that combines it with another Taco Bell item for a thicker, richer, and even cheesier meal.
TikToker hasaneats shared a brilliant way to amp up the Mexican Pizza that went viral on the platform, and Taco Bell decided to share the tip on its own TikTok account.
On the Taco Bell TikTok, a team member showed viewers how to make a Mexican Pizza inside a Cheesy Roll Up.
To hack this menu item, begin by asking for a Mexican Pizza and a Cheesy Roll Up, then open up the Cheesy Roll Up and stuff the Mexican Pizza inside.