Multicolored meringue in pastry bags. High-quality photo. Rainbow
If You Have Parchment Paper, You Won't Need Icing Bags
By Betsy Parks
Parchment paper has countless uses in the kitchen, and by folding it into a cone shape, you can create a makeshift piping bag to take care of all your cake-icing needs.
This is best done with a flat piece of pre-cut parchment since it will lay flat and be easier to shape, unlike parchment from a tube, which may require practice to get right.
First cut a triangle by placing the paper down vertically, then pull the bottom right corner over until about two inches is left on top and the same amount overlaps on the left.
Give the fold a hard crease and use a knife to carefully cut it, being sure not to cut a jagged edge, which will make the tip of your tube ragged and unable to pipe clean lines.
With the sharpest point facing you, grab the corner without a point and roll it in about halfway, pinch it together, and wrap the sharp point around what you've already rolled.
This should give the tube a sharp point, and if you hold the top of it with both hands, you can slide the folds between your fingers to adjust the size of the hole at the bottom.
These makeshift piping bags are great for chocolate, as you can control the amount coming out. If your chocolate gets cool, microwave the bag for a few seconds to soften it.