Opened can with convent tomatoes (pizza tomatoes). Above it a spoon with pizza tomatoes garnished with thyme
If You Drain Canned Tomatoes, You're Seriously Missing Out
By Kelly Douglas
It’s typically a good idea to drain excess liquids from food products to avoid a watered-down texture, but you might want to think twice before doing it to canned tomatoes.
Draining canned vegetables can remove extra sodium, but if you drain canned tomatoes, you’ll lose a good bit of their flavor.
The tomato juice can give pasta sauces a rich and savory flavor, and while the tomato can achieve this on its own, the juice will make your dish stand out even more.
Tomato juice also provides vitamins A, B, and C, so the juice may be a much-needed addition if you find hearty Italian sauces heavy or “unhealthy.”
Tomato juice isn’t the only liquid you should consider keeping. Pickle juice brine can add flavor to slaw or potato salad, and corn water is an excellent base for vegetable stock.