Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - March 27, 2011: A bottle of Huy Fong\'s Rooster brand Thai hot sauce against white background. Huy Fong\'s Sriracha hot chili sauce is An American\'s favorite hot sauce.
If You Don't Have Real Sriracha, This Is The Best Substitute
By Heather Newman
If you've ever reached for a bottle of Sriracha just to realize you're out, don't worry, as there's another spicy sauce that makes a great substitution to save the day.
Gochujang is a key component of Korean cooking, known for its pungent flavor from spicy Korean chili peppers blended with fermented soybeans, glutinous rice, and salt.
It is a viscous, sticky spread that clings to whatever it touches, like sweet and spicy Korean chicken wings, and hits the same notes Sriracha does but with extra oomph.
One of the great things about gochujang is that it's available at different levels of spice and mixes well with other flavors and ingredients when making sauces or marinades.
A number of other sauces will give the same heat, such as sambal oelek, an Indonesian chili sauce, and harissa, a spicy Tunisian condiment.