Steaks cooking on a grill
I Ate At Texas Roadhouse For The Very First Time—And Probably
The Last
By Nico Danilovich
I can't say I'd never heard of Texas Roadhouse before eating there — but even so, I knew practically nothing about the chain. So, imagine my surprise when my fiancé told me Texas Roadhouse is currently "a thing" on TikTok.
Texas Roadhouse seems to foster an employee-friendly environment, backed up by a plethora of awards. Add in the charity work, and you've got a food service brand whose whole identity is about serving people in a very wholesome, Americana kind of way. So naturally, I had to experience this for myself.
I should be fair to Texas Roadhouse: Its name is the opposite of false advertising. Upon entering my first location, my fiancé and I were greeted by décor reminiscent of Southwestern Americana. Aside from the paraphernalia, we were also greeted by a two-hour wait, which was quite the letdown, and there was nowhere to sit until our table was ready, but fortunately, there was plenty of entertainment provided.
The second we sat down, I dug into warm, fluffy bread, which tasted savory, sweet, and a little salty. The honey cinnamon butter was just icing on top. (I now understand why TikTok is obsessed.) As advertised, my draft beer was perfectly ice-cold.
Despite ordering it cooked medium, our steak arrived well-done, and it tasted merely like dry meat; the steak sauce, while spicy, did little to help. Instead, the made-from-scratch side dish — baked sweet potato with toasted marshmallows and caramel sauce — stole the show.
Dining at my first Texas Roadhouse was a novel experience, but it's not a chain I'll revisit anytime soon. To make Texas Roadhouse a perfect pit stop, snag your single seat at the bar, passively enjoy its ambience, fill up on affordable food, and take home leftovers. As for me, I won't be raving about it on TikTok.