man's arm holds a glass beaker with beer inside, white foam and a solid yellow background
How You Should Actually Store Your Beer
By Aimee Lamoureux
When it comes to most foods, prolonged exposure to air is the enemy of freshness, and beer is no exception. While an opened beer will likely become flat and unappetizing within just 24 hours, even if it is refrigerated, some beers can last up to three years if they remain sealed and are stored correctly.
It is always a good idea to store beer in the fridge, as a refrigerated beer can keep for up to six months. Additionally, canned beers that remain sealed in the original packaging tend to have a longer shelf life than bottled or opened beers, because cans protect the beer from sunlight and limit its exposure to air.
While craft beers simply don't last as long as drafts and packaged beers, you can stop your beer from going stale and skunky by storing the bottles upright in the fridge. Bottles on their side are exposed to much more flavor-damaging oxygen than bottles that are standing up, which only have a small amount of liquid exposed to air between the neck and the bottle cap.