Young Woman Holding A Glass Of Red Wine
How You Should Hold A Wine Glass
By Kimberley Laws
Learning how to taste wine effectively and how to use jargon such as "terroir" is important for the budding wine connoisseur, but one of the first skills you should master is properly holding your glass. says that proper use of a wine glass is a "key part of enjoying wine" and a "crucial component of basic table manners."
MasterClass says that the best method is to "hold the stem between your thumb, index finger, and middle finger," regardless of which part of the stem you choose to hold, and your pinky and ring finger should "rest at the top of the base." This keeps your glass clean of unsightly fingerprints, not to mention it makes you look elegant.
Wine also Folly recommends drinking from the same spot on your glass all night, so that there is only one lip print on the rim. Holding your glass properly also lets you to swirl the wine, which opens up its full flavor profile; moreover, if you grip the bowl part of the glass, your body heat can raise the wine's temperature, altering its taste.