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How You Can Put A Spin On The Classic Negroni Cocktail
By Alli Neal
A Negroni — made of gin, sweet vermouth, a bitter liqueur (like Campari), and an orange peel — is easy to customize, as long as you balance the sweet, bitter, and boozy flavors.
The Sbagliato variation replaces the gin with prosecco. The white Negroni swaps the red Campari for Suze Gentian Liqueur and the sweet vermouth for Lillet Blanc.
Jeffrey Morgenthaler started barrel aging the Negroni. Barrel-aged Negronis are reminiscent of their cousin the Boulevardier, which trades gin for bourbon or rye whiskey.
You can also make your own unique Negroni riffs. Campari is a very strong bitter liqueur and needs a good strong liquor to match it, so try a dark rum or a smoky mezcal.
Try infusing a reposado tequila with espresso beans for a Negroni-meets-espresso martini. You can also try a less bold bitter, like Amaro, with an añejo tequila.
Play up the herbal notes with a summery Negroni using a lighter Amari like Aperol, a lighter gin infused with herbs like fresh rosemary or thyme, and lemon instead of orange peel.
Try changing up the bitter-sweet-boozy ratio and play with the balance, or try a sweeter bitter liqueur like Amaro Nonino and split your vermouth pour between sweet and dry.