Gin tonic, an international cocktail
How You Can Perfectly Pair Your Gin With Different Tonic Waters
By Elizabeth Thorn
Choosing the correct alcohol brand is crucial for your gin and tonic, but failing to select the proper tonic water can make or break your cocktail-drinking experience.
Indian tonic water refers to traditional tonic water with a strong bitter flavor and high levels of quinine — East Imperial Tonic pairs well with citrus-forward or London Dry gins.
Mediterranean tonic water is lighter and is known for its refreshing taste. The Fever-Tree brand is a popular choice, perfect for citrusy or floral gins like Bombay Sapphire.
Flavored tonics, like East Imperial’s yuzu flavored tonic water, can bring a wide variety of flavors to gin, which can be used to enhance the natural flavors of any gin you choose.
Mikael Karttunen of Nordic Spirits shared that it’s essential to identify the gin’s dominant flavors to determine what type of tonic water to use for your perfect gin and tonic.