Somone pouring a shaken cocktail into two martini glasses
How You Can Make Fancy Cocktails At Home Without A Shaker
By Julia Mullaney
While a shaker set is the easiest vessel for making cocktails, there is one sure-fire alternative to making delicious drinks without a shaker — a sealable jar and strainer.
A mason jar is the best alternative to a shaker because it has a sealable lid and embossed measurements to see how much liquid is inside. Then, use a handheld strainer to strain.
Depending on the contents, you might not need the strainer, but if you added fresh fruit juice or shook the drink with any fruit, it's better to strain it.
If you don't have a cocktail shaker or a substitute, you can always make it stirred or on the rocks. The main objective of each is to chill the drink and increase its volume.