Hash Browns on Cutting Board
How Trader Joe's Viral Hashbrowns Are Being Enjoyed In Endless Ways
By Stacie Adams
Trader Joe’s popular, crunchy hashbrowns sell for $2.49 per 22 ½-ounce package. There are many recipe options, thanks to industrious home chefs on TikTok.
A hashbrown casserole is perfect for a large family or guests. One TikTok recipe adds eight hashbrowns before being covered in a layer of shredded cheese.
Then, add another layer of hashbrowns and incorporate eggs, milk, and seasoning into a bowl. Pour the creamy mixture over the hashbrowns and bake until golden brown.
A healthier option involves placing the hashbrowns on a baking sheet, then mashing up avocados. Add onions, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and place the mixture on the hashbrown.
A similar breakfast recipe uses an air fryer to achieve a perfect crispy texture. Place the hashbrown in the fryer at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, then add avocado and a fried egg.
If you want to try something fancier, spread crème fraiche over your hashbrown, top with a dollop of caviar, and finish with a sprinkle of dill for a fun riff on classic flavors.
Create a hashbrown Frito pie by heating a can of chili, pickled jalapeño slices, cheddar cheese, and milk in a pot — top the hashbrowns with the mixture and broken corn chips.
You can also use the hashbrowns to make breakfast “sushi” by covering each piece with cream cheese, slicing them into sushi bites, and placing smoked salmon on top.