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How To Use Lemon To Strip Pesticides From Grocery Produce
By Chase Shustack
Today, as many farmers and agricultural companies rely on pesticides to ensure insect-free crops, you may find yourself worried about what exactly you're eating when you consume produce from grocers. Luckily, lemon can help strip pesticides from your fruits and veggies.
A very basic cleaning spray consists of three ingredients: lemons, cold water, and distilled vinegar. Mix these ingredients into a spray bottle and use it on your produce, then rinse it under cold water and let it dry before storing it as you normally would.
Lemon juice's citric acid is a powerful cleaning agent, tackling bacteria and microorganisms as well as grease and grime. Despite this, some believe that lemon juice may not be as effective as removing pesticides as other cleaning agents and that baking soda might be a better option.