French toast with fresh strawberries and maple syrup on ceramic plate
How To Take On French Toast When Eggs Are Too Expensive
By Kalea Martin
With egg prices on the rise, making an egg-based breakfast is less affordable than it used to be, but the good news is you can make French toast without using eggs. All you have to do is swap them out for another ingredient you may already have in your kitchen: coconut milk.
For traditional French toast, you combine milk, eggs, butter, and vanilla and soak it up with slices of bread, but if you want to skip the eggs, you can just replace them and the milk with full-fat coconut milk. If you want a firmer texture, add three tablespoons of cornstarch for every half cup of coconut milk for an eggier consistency and crustier bread.
You don’t have to worry about soggy bread since coconut milk and eggs have a similar fat concentration, with eggs having 62% fat, and coconut milk weighing in at 60% fat. Considering one of the main functions of eggs in French toast is to give it a custard-like richness through its fat, it makes sense to use coconut milk in its place.