Adding a spoonful of vanilla extract to a bowl with red velvet mixture. One of the steps in the preparation of a home-made red velvet cake in a domestic kitchen.
How To Substitute Vanilla Extract For No-Alcohol Bakes
By Alexis Montoya
Vanilla extract, made by soaking vanilla beans in an alcoholic solution to extract flavor, isn't suitable for those who don't drink alcohol.
However, you can add the same sweetness and warmth of vanilla to a standard bake by substituting it with vanilla powder, which is a lot different from vanilla extract.
Vanilla powder is a fine powder made from dried, whole vanilla beans that delivers a potent vanilla flavor and can add a stunning dusting finishing touch to baked goods.
Besides adding that final touch of elegance, it also prevents the loss of flavor, which happens mainly with vanilla extract as its alcohol content evaporates at high heat.
During your next bake, you can, in general, use vanilla powder as a 1:1 replacement for vanilla extract and add the powder with the rest
of the dry ingredients.
However, if you're using pure ground vanilla, which can also be referred to as vanilla powder, use half the amount as it is much more robust in flavor.