Blueberries in a bowl with mint leaves
How To Salvage Overly Sour Blueberries
By Angel Albring
While blueberries are one of the healthiest treats to include in your diet, they can quickly develop a sour, tart taste that might be off-putting for some.
However, there’s no need to throw out these sour blueberries, as you can toss them into a smoothie and mix them with other fruits, honey, cream, or fruit juice to sweeten them.
You can also lessen their tartness with a process known as "macerating" by mixing them with sugar, honey, or another sweetener and letting them sit for a few minutes to sweeten.
If you keep the blueberries raw, combine them with other sweeter fruits to mask the sourness, or use them as toppings on dishes like pancakes or yogurt.
Cooking the blueberries can also reduce the tartness if they’re too sour to eat raw. You can use the sour berries for sauces, jams, and baked goods.