Crab Cluster isolated on white background
How To Remove Crab Leg Meat From The Shell In An Effortless Way
By Sarah Richter
When removing crab leg meat, it’s almost unheard of to get it all out in one fell swoop — that is, unless you use the flakeysalt TikTok hack to remove it with nearly no effort.
Joshua Weissman, the chef and cookbook author behind flakeysalt, reveals that to remove crab leg meat without destroying it, you only need scissors and your hands.
Weissman notes that the "little cracker things" typically used to crack crab legs end up cracking the shell so hard that it often destroys the delicate meat inside.
In the video, Weissman cuts each leg at the joint to create a hole for the meat, then holds them and bangs them hard with his hand until the meat slides out and is ready to eat.