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How To Recreate Your Favorite In-N-Out Burger At Five Guys
By Juliet Kahn
In-N-Out and Five Guys have acquired millions of fans worldwide, and while Five Guys has expanded throughout the globe, In-N-Out has largely confined itself to California and a few locations in the Western half of the United States. If you’re not in that area, there's a way to recreate a legendary In-N-Out burger, which involves going to Five Guys.
An Animal Style Double-Double is one of In-N-Out's most celebrated offerings, and recreating this at Five Guys is pretty simple, but it does require some do-it-yourself condiment crafting and extensive use of the Five Guys menu's customizability. Thrillist has broken it down into a series of steps, starting with a cheeseburger with extra cheese.
This already comes with two patties, but while Thrillist reports that Five Guys' chefs won't grill the patties in mustard, you can compensate for this loss by putting a little extra on your bun. Ask for the classic condiment combination of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and grilled onions.
To create your In-N-Out spread, just grab some mayonnaise, relish, and ketchup from Five Guys' generous condiment bar, mix them in a paper condiment cup, and voila — you've created In-N-Out's celebrated spread. While you might be thousands of miles away from an In-N-Out, you'll never know the difference.